Deep capability or deep trouble?


Dr. Simon Mitchell gave an outstanding plenary presentation at the UHMS Annual Scientific Meeting. As a current rebreather diver, he recognizes how much he can do using rebreather, as well as the risks associated with such complex, high-maintenance machine. Divers must be knowledgeable, skilled and disciplined. With new models of rebreathers that target average diver (“recreational rebreathers”) we must do more to prevent injuries, some of which are caused by unsafe human behavior, errors and omissions and other by lack of recognizing predictable machine failure (oxygen cell failure, for example). Simon stressed the conclusions of Rebreather Forum 3.0 (RF3) and the need to use checklists. Checklists should be cleverly designed and printed out, not just mnemonics. It is essential for proper dive leadership to foster a culture of safety in the diving community. I hope you will have opportunity to attend Simon’s presentation at some of dive shows scheduled in the future. In the meantime, here are a few of his lectures from RF3.

CCR Physiology

Anatomy of a CCR Dive

Discussion and Consensus

Post written by: Petar Denoble, MD, D.Sc.

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