About DAN

For the last 34 years, Divers Alert Network (DAN) has been the established authority on dive safety research. DAN Research is the confluence of medicine, education and outreach dedicated to finding answers that will enhance dive safety and impact related health decisions.

More than 20 years ago, DAN Research discovered that although scientific evidence was emerging on the benefits of emergency oxygen in first aid treatments, less than one-third of injured divers received it. Emergency oxygen has since become a safety standard throughout the diving industry. Today, DAN research initiatives have identified human error and heart disease as the most common causes of diving accidents and fatalities. Using this information, DAN continues to investigate key indicators of enhanced risk and methods of mitigation to make diving even safer.

DAN has built an extensive repository of dive data from which trends can be identified and analyzed. In 2012 DAN announced the creation of the Online Incident Reporting System, which will collect data about diving mishaps as reported by divers who experienced them; this initiative will help strengthen the basis for human factor safety research in diving.

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  1. interesting Article on endothelial dysfunction & FMR. This mediating process potentially applies to more divers than the diving community realize. Question – is their any significant or retained dysfunction resultant from deeper longer dives / trimix dives. I soo love deep diving I hope not but we need to know.

    Why don’t we pump in some NO to alleviate the oxidation?


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